So, you've have already invested in the design and build of your website, ensuring that it is responsive, user-friendly and SEO ready, but you know that the work and investment don’t stop there.

Content marketing is about creating and sharing relevant, consistent and valuable content to engage your audience and ultimately to inspire them to act.

SEO is also about writing content that will attract social shares, but more importantly it's about attracting valuable backlinks. In fact this is at the very heart of SEO and should be at the heart of your marketing strategy.

Whether you are launching a new website or you want to update or reorganise your current content to improve your site’s SEO, I can help you.

Here's how:

Website Copywriting


The copy on your website needs to be working for you - talking your readers' language, grabbing attention and creating action.

I will provide you with brand spanking new copy for your new website or rework your current content.

Blog Writing


Publishing regular, relevant and shareable blogs posts on your site keeps the content dynamic and is an important way to engage with your audience in a 'non-salesy' voice. More and more companies are using blogs to provide news and advice that informs and supports customers in their decision process. It helps to foster trust and, of course, it's good for SEO

I can write for you on a post by post basis or, even better, we can discuss a more regular gig.

SEO Copywriting


The purpose of SEO writing is to attract readers, linkers and sharers, and keep the search engines happy. This involves the creation and promotion of original, in-depth and high quality, non-marketing content that offers value to your readers, improves your rankings and drives traffic to your site.

I will work with you to research keywords and phrases, generate topics and identify potential sources for back links. Then I will produce power pages for your site in engaging formats that are relevant and, above all, useful to your audience.

The final component of this process is to publish this fantastically useful resource, that people are going to want to share, and then promote it via social media and outreach.

My Rates

I work out my rates on an individual project basis because one size simply does not fit all.

Once I understand the size and scope of the job in hand I can give you a quote and we take it from there.