Writing that makes easy reading.

For businesses that want to speak their customers’ language…

You’re in the right place if you’re agonising over any of the following:

  • What to say to your customers and how to say it
  • How to grab their attention
  • How to keep them reading
  • And ultimately how to get them to click on the virtual dotted line

Or worse… You’re worried about bombarding them with a load of generic marketing speak that will turn them off like a switch.

I can help. I’m Sophie, Bird on the Hill, and I’ll get this stuff off your desk and onto mine. 

There’s no piece of communication that you have with your audience that doesn’t require carefully crafted, hard-grafting copy.

But who’s going to write it?

You might be tempted to knock up the copy yourself to save on extra expense. After all, who knows your proposition better than you? Who could possibly communicate it better? Who else can grasp your vision and encapsulate it in a fabulously crafted nutshell?

Perhaps you don’t have the in-house copywriting resources and the thought of putting pen to paper fills you with dread.

More than likely you’re already quite busy enough, thanks, doing what you do best, which is running your business.

If this is you, save yourself some pain, not to mention time and money, and invest in the skills of a copywriter.

That’s where I come in…

Check me out

First things first. Take a look at the writing services that I offer below, as well some of my recent work, and when you’re ready….

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Send me a message or call on 07376 110 318 and we can have an informal discussion on Skype or the phone about how I can help you…

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Writing services

I offer website copywriting, blogging and content management services and specialise in
(but am not limited to):

  • Health & wellbeing
  • Family, motherhood and parenting
  • Lifestyle & travel

Web copy
If you’re looking for web copy that’ll make an instant connection with potential customers when they land on your site I can provide copywriting for single pages or a whole website package.

If you want to engage with and support readers through a regular blog you can hire me for one-off posts, a series of posts or to manage your blog completely, doing everything from writing the pieces, to formatting and publishing them.

Landing page copy
I also offer tailored stand-alone short or long-form pages that serve a specific purpose such as generating leads and ultimately increasing sales.

My rates

The fees quoted here are a guide. I work out my rates on an individual project basis because one size simply does not fit all.

Once I understand the size and scope of the job in hand I can give you a quote and we take it from there.

Website design and maintenance

Do you need web copy that’s working hard to grow your audience and your business?

Copy that talks your readers’ language, grabs their attention and ultimately persuades them to do the thing that you want them to do: sign-up, subscribe, download, buy, donate…

I can help. Find out more about my web design services here.

About Bird on the Hill

I’m Sophie, a freelance writer and web designer with 10 years experience. I’m now living in South London with my daughter after 7 years living and working up a mountain in Spain… the Bird on the Hill.

Find out more here…

Sophie Russell-Ross

Sophie Russell-Ross

Web designer | Copywriter

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